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Rendre le camionnage moins polluant


Interview in the program: Carbone,  Radio Canada.

Pourrait-on réduire les bouchons de circulation grâce à l'IA?


La science pour optimiser les chaînes d'approvisionnement


Interview on the mobility of the future for a documentary series directed by Benoit Chaumont


As a scientific advisor at IVADO Labs, it's great to take part of innovation in practice!


IVADO Labs is proud to have partnered with CargoM and the Port of Montreal to implement an AI-driven solution that is helping fast-track the delivery of critical cargo containers from the port to the market in an act of humanitarian goodwill. CargO2AI leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm to treat vast amounts of unstructured and incomplete data and identify incoming critical medical cargo. Containers are identified prior to vessel berthing and once they are offloaded, the port tracks and traces prioritized containers from docks to truck and rail departures, ensuring speedy delivery to the market and reaching frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19. 

Saving lives, one container at a time.

L'intelligence artificielle pour optimiser l'efficacité du transport en commun


Optimiser les services de transport grâce à l’IA


AI in Rail Transport Sector


Interview in the program: La Sphère - Matthieu Dugal, Radio Canada.

Data Science by IVADO


3 min clip on the optimization of railway operations, YouTube.

L'importance de l'enseignement du code informatique aux enfants


Interview together with Kate Arthur about KidsCodeJeunesse, Médium large - Catherine Perrin, Radio Canada.


Réduire les émissions de GES en transformant le transport


L’Intelligence Numérique pour Résoudre le casse-tête d’un terminal Intermodal, IVADO.


Umlaufoptimierung – Praxis trifft auf Theorie (translated: Route optimization - Practice meets theory).


Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) Staff Magazine number 5

Optimiser les services de transport grâce à l’IA


Des chercheurs qui (re)façonnent le monde - Mettre l’apprentissage automatique sur les rails, Le Devoir.


CargoM: de précieuses données pour le transport routier (An article on a joint project with CargoM that received an award from the Quebec Transport Association.)


La Presse. Description of a project where the research part was led by Emma Frejinger.

Public seminar organized by AI Innovation Sweden

AI for Solving Real Large-Scale Decision Problems: The Powerful Combination of Machine Learning and Discrete Optimization

Lindholmen Science Park, April 26, 2019

ALL IN Conference 2023

A research perspective: Solving real-world decision-making problems under uncertainty.

Montreal, Quebec, September 28, 2023.

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